Kansas City, Missouri

Waldo is a fun and popular place to live in the heart of KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri). There are charming homes and fun nightlife. Every fall there is a festival and a walking/biking trail runs through it called the Trolley Track Trail. It is such a classic, friendly area! The boundaries are roughly Gregory Boulevard to the north and 85th Street to the south. I will soon be featuring an updated listing in Wornall Village.

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Aikins Addition

Armour Heights and Armour Heights Annex

Armour Hills and Armour Hills Gardens

Armour Lawn

Belleview Park Addition

Berry EM Addition

Bond Heights



Broadview Heights

Brownwood Park


Chowning View

City Heights


Colonial Heights

Cresthill Acres

Cunningham Place

Dale Meadows

Douglas Joseph Estates

Famous Hills

Flynn Addition

Friendly Homes

Garden Place

Gregory Park

Halliburton Heights

Holmes View

Holmes Wood

Home Gardens

Indian Village (aka Santa Fe Hills)

Ivanhoe Heights

Kelly H & Sons

La Tour Lawn


Meadow Hill, Meadow Lane, Meadow Lane Gardens

Meadow View and Meadowview

Moore's Southland

Moreland Place

Napoleon Boone

Nel Aro

Nigro's Addition


Orr Heights


Prairie Point Place

Price Addition

Price's Edmund Addition

Regina Heights

Renne Addition

Rockhill, Rockhill Gardens, Rockhill Manor

Romanelli Gardens and Romanelli West

Royals 1st Addition

South Locust Annex

South Waldo

Summit Heights


Sunset Terrace

Tower Park and Tower View

Turner Heights

University Acres

Valley View

Vogli's Central Park

Waldo Gardens

Waldo Heights

Waldo Manor Annex

Waldo Park

Waldo Summit

Ward Park

Warren Addition

Wells Brothers Addition

Westbrook Plaza

Western Hills

Westmoreland, Westmoreland Heights, Westmoreland Park, and Westmoreland Place

Williams Gardens

Wing & Steen's Place

Witmer & Birds 1st Addition

Wornall Gardens

Wornall View

Wornall Village

Zurn Fred W Addition


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